Fearless Wallet shared developer updates

Fearless Wallet shared on Friday, July 30, through its Twitter account, new updates for the developers of Fearless Wallet.

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“The SORA, Polkaswap and Fearless Wallet projects are closely related as they are an integral part of the SORA ecosystem. That is why development status updates are published every two weeks for these three projects, in a convenient place, with development updates from the entire community”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

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SORA Dev Update #18

The company indicated that the SORA mainnet runtime update has been prepared and will be available soon:

• Fixed slow block production issues

• Fixed slow websocket and RPC performance

• The rates for claiming rewards have been updated

• Fast native WASM runtime

Progress was made in the Polkaswap mobile app module

• Swap in the mobile app is being tested now

• The work with liquidity groups is being estimated and planned

SORA Android mobile application version 2.2

• Available for beta users with asset details feature


• Working with the SubQuery team. Statistical calculations will be easier!

• Working with the SubScan team. One more block explorer for the SORA substrate network! https://sora.subscan.io

Polkaswap Developer Update #20

According to the company, the Polkaswap mainnet web application has been prepared and will be available soon:

• Made improvements to the Token List and Whitelist page, the Rewards page, and various other UI improvements.

• Added SORAScan links

• The HASHI bridge interaction became more stable thanks to the migration of the ether.js library

A new mainnet runtime update has been prepared and will be available soon!

• The calculation of agricultural rewards was implemented. Previous farming rewards, from when the network was launched, until the next update, will be recalculated in a future update.

• Added rewards calculation for market makers

• Fixed rewards calculation for TBC

Members of the Polkaswap community created the Polkaswap Community Collective (PoCoCo)

• UMI added its token to the Polkaswap bridge on the SORA network side

• Dark mode is coming!

Fearless Wallet Developer Update #24

• The company indicated that the Sprint 0107 demonstration took place on July 28. Recent development updates and roadmap enhancements were introduced.

• Also, a new version will arrive in a couple of days: “Select validators by yourself” function, semantics update and other UX / UI improvements

• The next development sprint will focus on Staking analysis and polishing the remnants of Staking functions.


• SubQuery and Common API: The Fearless Wallet team is now working with SubQuery to implement a common API for the Polkadot ecosystem.

• New Networks and Multiple Assets Support Proposal: The Fearless Wallet team presented a new proposal to support new networks, new account management, and new token integration.

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