TrustSwap announced collaboration with MetaFighter

TrustSwap announced this Monday, March 21, via its Twitter account, its collaboration with MetaFighter NFT, a multi-arena NFT metaverse hosting arcade-style Play-To-Earn fighting games.

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MetaFighter, a multi-arena NFT metaverse hosting arcade-style Play-To-Earn fighting games, has announced a collaboration with TrustSwap for its upcoming FlashLaunch token offering starting March 25, 2022 at 5 p.m. UTC”, he said through an article published on his website.

According to the company, MetaFighter captures the glory of arcade fighting and places it on the blockchain, where skillful play becomes a gateway to real-world profits. By earning $MF tokens through skill, leveling up NFT Fighters for trading, or investing in arena fighting NFTs, the MetaFighter community will be able to earn while enjoying the premier arcade fighting game on the blockchain.

The company explained that the MetaFighter metaverse is populated with NFT Arenas where fighters can compete. The rules of each Arena are set by those who own the NFTs. Arena NFT holders can also host their own special events and place advertising in their Arena play space.

In his view, MetaFighter players will engage in fast-paced, arcade-style combat and could earn MetaFighter NFTs as well as $MF tokens to unlock additional features. The in-game market will allow players to trade fighters, skins, gear, and arenas, so they can level up their characters, add individuality to their favorite fighters, or upgrade fighter abilities for newer players to pick up and play.

“The NFT aspect means that players will have true ownership of their character. They will even be able to rent out their wrestler to more active players and get a dividend from the borrower’s wrestling adventures”, he said.

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Game modes

1. Fight to Learn (Free)

Everyone can always play for free. Free to Play (or Fight to Learn) allows players to enjoy the beautiful fighting game that is currently in development. This mode will not require tokens of any kind, not even a Metamask, and will just be a lavish web-based fighting game for casual gamers to enjoy.

2. Fight to win

Fight to Earn is the premium mode of MetaFighter. Here, fighters can wager $MF tokens and earn from their victories. If you are skillful and dedicated, there is a chance to earn significant rewards.

3. Fight to win

Fight to Gain offers other income opportunities for the dedicated and perhaps less skilled. When playing against other players or against the CPU, players can level up their NFTs to power up their fighters and earn skins, special abilities, and more. They can then sell or rent fighters from their ‘stable’ to other players who compete in Fight-to-Earn.

The $MF Token Economy

On the other hand, the company indicated that the central economy takes place in Fight-to-Earn mode. Players will be able to wager $MF chips prior to a match. Veteran fighting game players will be able to unlock real value through their talents. Fanatic grinders, even if their skills are a bit lower, can also level up fighters before releasing them. The matchmaking algorithm will ensure that matchups are even and each player gets a chance to fight in the arena.

Similarly, he highlighted that $MF will be used as an in-game currency and governance token and will also allow the player to earn NFT and other perks by staking the tokens.

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