The HUSL announced participation in Unizen

The HUSL announced last Thursday, September 30, through its Twitter account, its official participation in the Unizen Smart Exchange Module DMAS (dynamic staking of multiple assets).

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“With NFTs, blockchain applications reach adopters who were previously outside of the DeFi loop. Artists, performers and creative teams already clearly benefit from crypto assets, but a sustainable infrastructure is required to take advantage of the impact. HUSL is a platform that offers a drastically new version of the NFTs, specifically, by providing artists, musicians and their fans with fluid ways to create, promote and buy or sell assets”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

According to the company, compliance, copyright regulations and cooperation with institutions play a key role in recognizing and maintaining the value of NFTs. ZenX Labs, CeDeFi’s incubator, provides The HUSL with 360-degree acceleration to establish business network, full compliance, and global expansion. In return, the team allocated $ HUSL tokens to Unizen’s DMAS (Dynamic Multi Asset Staking) module. As soon as DMAS is released, any $ZCX holder will be able to bet $ZCX and receive $HUSL in return.

In addition, he noted that the ZenX team is connecting The HUSL with leading experts in decentralized compliance, strategic advice and growth. The acceleration team is deeply involved in setting the brand strategy and reaching a global audience of creators and their fans. We are inspired by the vision and experience of The HUSL, and excited to begin the journey with ZenX’s first NFT project.

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About the HUSL

It is a platform that brings democracy to music and allows fans to elevate the artists they believe in. “We are giving artists the tools they need to connect directly with fans, and we are returning the success of artists to their hands. fans. Artists with massive support from individual investors will take a backseat to artists with various fan platforms – at THE HUSL we believe that true success is grassroots”, he added.

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