Tally announced that it now supports NFT DAO on its platform

Tally announced on Monday October 4, through her Twitter account, that she now supports NFT DAO, starting with Nouns DAO.

Image on Tally’s Twitter post

“We are excited to add DAO Nouns to Tally. DAO nouns combine two crypto building blocks: NFT profile images and on-chain governance, to do something completely new”, he said through an article posted on the Medium platform.

According to the company, DAO nouns use a compound governance fork and is the main governing body of the noun ecosystem. The DAO Noun treasury receives 100% of ETH proceeds from daily noun auctions. Each noun is an irrevocable member of DAO Nouns and has the right to one vote on all matters of government.

“We hope that the open source code that powers DAO Nouns will be an important component in the future. Already, other NFT projects like Dope Wars use the same underlying contracts to drive their on-chain DAO”, he added.

The company assured that the Governor’s user-owned treasuries and self-executing proposals combined with the on-chain revenues that NFT projects can earn from royalties and auctions open entirely new forms of organizations.

“Front-end diversity for on-chain data and interaction is vital,” said Nouns DAO’s lastpunk9999. “Especially when it comes to governance. Tally is doing important work to surface and diversify chain governance. The Tally Dashboard is a unified and familiar interface to all DAOs and we appreciate being included along with other organizations”.

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About Tally

It is a platform for decentralized governance engagement, helping stakeholders of all types build alignment around common goals.

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