ENS now supports NFT avatars for your profile

Ethereum Name Service announced last Friday, October 8, through its Twitter account, that it now supports NFT avatars for its ENS profile. According to the company, at launch, this is compatible with Uniswap and 1inch.

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“We are pleased to announce that ENS now supports NFT avatars for your ENS profile. What this means is that you can now set an NFT of your own as an avatar for your ENS profile, and dapps can display it along with your ENS name. Read the specifications here”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

The company assured that, at launch, this feature is compatible with uniswap and 1-inch, in addition to the ENS Manager application itself. “A big thank you to the Metaphor team (more on them below) who took the initiative to integrate this. We expect many more dapps to integrate support for this in the coming weeks and months”, he added.

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Do you want to add avatar support to your dapp?

First, does your dapp already have ENS username support? The company explained that this means that it takes the ENS name in the reverse registration of the Ethereum account and uses it as its cross-platform username. Here are the docs on how to implement (straightforward).

In addition, he indicated that the next is avatar support. After the user has done the reverse resolution to get the user’s ENS name for their username, they can get information from the records of that name, such as their avatar. You can read the ENS avatar specification and implement it yourself or use the Davatar library from Metaphor.

“Metaphor worked hard to bring this feature to the finish line and integrate it into services. Thanks! Founded by gail.eth and carlosdp.eth, Metaphor is creating tools for DAO with the underlying mission of making decentralized connection fun and accessible for everyone”, the company thanked.

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