Dragonary: “630 NFT islands for sale on Binance NFT Marketplace”

Dragonary announced this Friday, January 21, through its Twitter account, that 630 NFT islands of the platform are currently for sale on The Binance NFT Marketplace.

Image about Dragonary’s Twitter post

“Dragonary NFT islands are the most precious and exclusive asset of Dragonary and the entire Coinary ecosystem: 630 of them are currently for sale on The Binance NFT Marketplace“, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

The company explained that NFT islands have profitable resources for their owners, both in the short and long term. First, they are key to socializing within Dragonary, that’s when the Islands-Alliances-Tournaments system comes into play.


Once you own an Island, you become its Ruler and Creator, the decisions you will make to take advantage of it must come from yourself. However, those who become island owners will also get a financial benefit from staking CYT: they will get a higher ROI than those who do not own islands.

The Dragonary team proposed a way to improve the economic benefits of your NFT Island through Alliances.


Creating an alliance in Dragonary only requires an NFT account which must be owned by an island, regardless of its element. The next step is to create a name and an avatar for him.

If you are an Alliance owner, you should know that there is a limited number of members that can join. This number can grow by allowing members to merge their islands and by doing so make the Alliance even more powerful. Players who do that automatically become Ruling Members. Each member who wants to join an Alliance must pay a registration fee to the Alliance owner.

According to the elements of the merged Islands, Dragons that have the same elements as the Islands will experience improvements in combat, even the Dragons of those players who do not own an Island but are still part of the Alliance. Regarding the latter, it must be added that their improvement percentage will be somewhat lower than that of the owner of the Island.

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Alliances can even organize PVP tournaments, in which they can charge a fee to those who want to participate. The size of the tournament depends on how big the Alliance is, thus how many merged islands there are.

• The proceeds of the ticket will go to:

• The tournament rewards.

• Alliance owners, as profit.

Alliances are free to select what type of tournaments they will organize. For example, participants can fight with their real dragons, their balanced dragons (just like in beta PVP), or they can even choose which rarity can join the tournament.

More benefits

• If you become an island owner, no matter if you are part of an alliance or not, your dragons’ innate abilities with the same element as your island will increase, making your dragons more competitive for the Arena. Since there is a maximum supply of islands, new items will be associated with one of the original 7 items. In the case of the Poisonous Dragon, it will be associated with the Plant Element, therefore, owning a Plant Island means increasing the stats of 2 Dragon elements.

• Legend has it that a Mythic Ember was hidden on each Island, and only appeared in the presence of the person who owned the Island. Therefore, the owners of the island will be the first players in Dragonary to own a mythical dragon!

• The owners of the island have an incredible opportunity: to shape the future of Dragonary. To achieve this, you will have direct contact with the developers, who will listen carefully to every suggestion and idea that you can see reflected in the game.

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