Zenlink announced that it is available on Moonbeam

Zenlink announced this Tuesday, January 11, through its Twitter account, which is available on Moonbeam Network, the first native DEX cross-chain in Polkadot.

Image about Zenlink’s Twitter post

“On November 3, 2021, Zenlink officially launched on the Moonriver and Bifrost networks as Polkadot’s first native cross-chain DEX and announced that once the Moonbeam network is launched, Zenlink will also be deployed on the Moonbeam network to go. DeFi experience unprecedented to the market. Dotsama community first. Today, we are excited to announce to the community that Zenlink is now available on the Moonbeam network! This integration will be an important use case for web3 applications to be deployed on the Kusama and Polkadot networks, and it also means that we have taken a solid step forward on Zenlink’s multi-chain expansion roadmap”, he said through of an article published on the Medium platform.

Unique ZLK tokens for Kusama and Polkadot

According to Zenlink Tokenomics, Zenlink will issue only one set of ZLK tokens on the Kusama and Polkadot networks, with a maximum supply of 100 million. In both networks a distribution ratio of 40% and 60% will be followed, that is, 40% of the tokens (40m ZLK) will be issued on the Kusama network and 60% of the tokens (60m ZLK) will be issued on the Polkadot network.

The company indicated that users could gain a clearer understanding of the ZLK distribution from the above chart. We strongly believe that issuing the same set of ZLK tokens on Kusama and Polkadot is the right thing to do for both the Zenlink community and the Dotsama community, as Zenlink is committed to building the underlying cross-chain DEX protocol within the Polkadot ecosystem to add global liquidity and allow liquidity sharing. Therefore, regardless of which ZLK parachain is finally issued on, we will make transferring and trading possible on almost all parachains, through X-Transfer, DEX aggregators and intelligent order routing.

Also, he recalled that ZLK has a long-term buyback and burn program, so ZLK is always in deflationary mode.

Launch of the Liquidity Incentive Program

In his view, with the launch of Zenlink on the Moonbeam network, a season of performance will begin for the Dotsama community. As the first cross-chain native DEX on the Moonbeam network, Zenlink will provide liquidity incentives for GLMR (Moonbeam’s native token) and cross-assets from other blockchain networks to the Moonbeam network with the support of bridges such as Anyswap, Nomad, Axelar, and others.

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“The first pairs or tokens to be incentivized on the Moonbeam network and the initial incentives are shown below (the total amount of incentives per pair or token will dynamically adjust based on the actual locked value)”, he added.

Trade mining and invite to win on Moonbeam Network

According to the company, Trading Mining and Invite to Earn are currently active on Zenlink (both Moonriver and Bifrost), and when Zenlink launches on the Moonbeam network, trading and invites on the Moonbeam network will be seamlessly added to the scope of relevant activity incentives. All trading pairs on Zenlink DEX are covered by the commercial mining incentive and count towards the current ongoing commercial mining activity. You can get more details about commercial mining here: https://wiki.zenlink.pro/zenlink-dex-dapp/user -guide / yield-farming # trading-mining

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