Yearn Finance opens new beta Yearn Finance V3

Yearn Finance announced last Thursday, September 16, through its Twitter account, the opening of the new beta Yearn Finance V3 for users. According to the company, this new version is the realization of a shared vision of a lightweight and scalable system ready for the future of multiple chains.

Image on Yearn Finance’s Twitter post

“We have rebuilt the financial yearning from scratch. We’ve worked to address the feedback and weaknesses in version 2, and much more. v3 was created with user experience, compositing ability and the future of multiple chains in mind, and the beta version is now available:”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

The company detailed that a few months after the release of v2 in January, Yearn collaborators began a major rewrite with a vision for a scalable, full-featured system built for the ever-evolving DeFi landscape.

In his view, this vision is finally being realized with the new beta version v3, rebuilt from scratch, which is released today for users and contributors alike.

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Key enhancements

• You can now view your total position, total historical earnings, and expected annual earnings, with vault deposits denominated in both the underlying token and $.

• Any transaction through the interface, including zaps in and out of vaults, is simulated using Tenderly, showing you the estimated tokens received. No more unexpected slip-ups or mysteriously failed transactions.

• Wallet page that allows you to easily access vaults or supply Iron Bank with almost any token you have.

• View of the vault details page with historical vault earnings, underlying token information, and strategy descriptions.

• New “Labs” section to serve as a home for more experimental vaults.

• Fully integrated Iron Bank with dust-free loan repayments and withdrawals.

• Completely redesigned experience for mobile devices.

• Multiple UI themes, with unique unlockable themes for Yearn NFT headlines coming soon. You will notice that for all screenshots the cyberpunk theme is used (find it in settings).

Similarly, the company stressed that it is a beta version: there is nothing final yet and they plan to repeat during the next few weeks as they receive comments and implement more improvements.

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