YAM Finance: Treasury Report $YAM DAO Q2 2021

YAM Finance shared last Monday, July 19, through its Twitter account, its treasury report of $YAM DAO Q2 2021. According to the company, in the report users will be able to find updates on: DAO treasury, operating income, income for investments and their expenses.

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“We are pleased to share our quarterly update for the Yam Treasury, where we review our income, expenses, assets and changes of collaborators of the Yam DAO team”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.


As the company explained, the cryptocurrency is very volatile, all the numbers reported here in this report are a snapshot of the value on 7/10/2021. All assets will go up and down in value, most expenses are determined in US dollar equivalent at the time of payment. For example, if a payment of $1000 USD is paid in $YAM and at that time $YAM is valued at $1, the payment will be $1000 YAM.


Total income $508,885.99

Operating income

The company detailed that in the second quarter of 2021, Yam.Finance generated operating income of $60,035 from Degenerative.Finance (now synths.yam.finance).

Investment income

Similarly, he commented that Yam Treasury is used to invest in different value-added products that help Yam grow its ecosystem.

• UMA was obtained by using the treasury to provide liquidity using ETH and yUSD to the synethics uGAS and uSTONKS.

• SUSHI was earned by using the YAM / ETH pair from the Yam cultivation group to farm in the sushi rewards group.

• INDEX was earned by matching DPI and ETH in treasury to cultivate Indexcoop’s reward pool.

“A total of $448,851 (as of 10/7/2021) was earned in investment income in the second quarter of 2021,” he added.


Total expenses $327,023

Income vs. Expense Delta + $181,862

Expenses (yUSD)

The company noted that the total taxpayer expenses paid by the treasury were $171,467 in yUSD. Taxpayer expenses paid out of the treasury are reserved for full-time taxpayers. Other taxpayer expenses come from the taxpayer grandfather pool of $YAM.

Expenses (YAM)

On the other hand, he highlighted that the total expenses paid from the taxpayer’s consolidation pool were $137,414 in $YAM valued at $0.79 / $YAM as of 10/7/2021. $YAM was paid from the taxpayer’s consolidation group through Q2 at different values, but this report was prepared with a snapshot of the value as of 10/7/2021.

“The total overheads paid with the multi-sig overhead fund were $18,141 in $YAM valued at $0.79 / $YAM”, he said.

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Total asset value other than YAM $6,009,989

The company commented that non-Yam assets are primarily used for investment purposes to support the ecosystem and Yam projects.

Total asset value of YAM $1,174,930

Similarly, he noted that Yam’s assets are primarily used for taxpayer compensation and overhead costs.

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