Yam Finance announced collaboration with Metaverse DAO

Yam Finance announced last Wednesday, June 2, through its Twitter account, its collaboration with Metaverse DAO and the metaverse gallery of the Yam Museum.

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Image on Yam Finance’s Twitter post

“We are proud to announce an exciting new collaboration between Yam Finance and metaverseDAO (mDAO), coming together to tackle the metaverse and more together! Yam Synths will soon launch with uPUNKS, a powerful synthetic asset tied to the entire Crypto Punk NFT market. Last month we also partnered with UMA Protocol and Crypto.com to put our NFT products in the hands of more than 10 million people!”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

The company explained that uPUNKS will allow users to realize returns, hedge their exposure to NFT by opening a short position, and much more.

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However, Yam Finance commented that they are not only committed to creating valuable synthetic NFT products. They are also actively exploring how they can provide value both in the NFT space and in the emerging new worlds known as the metaverse.

“MDAO is a community of NFT and metaverse experts with a deep understanding of these new frontiers and a long history in this ecosystem. With his experience and our own intimate knowledge and skills as one of DeFi’s first DAOs, today’s collaboration is poised to unlock something truly remarkable!”, he added.

Partnership and launch celebration

The company said that, to celebrate the genesis of this collaboration between DAO, they announced a live metaverse event this Thursday at 17:00 UTC, which will take place inside the newly launched Museum of Fine Yams, their “own metaverse gallery of Cryptovoxels”.

And later?

Yam Finance assured that this is only the beginning of a truly powerful union of experience. In addition, he highlighted those initial developments are underway and, like everything in Yam DAO, all decisions go through the full governance process.

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