xToken Terminal is now available at xtokenterminal.io

xToken announced this Wednesday, March 16, through its Twitter account that xToken Terminal is now available at xtokenterminal.io. According to the company, Terminal is the capital markets platform for Web3, providing DeFi/NFT projects with continuous, permissionless access to fundamental DeFi primitives.

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“After many months of hard work by the xToken team, Terminal is implemented and is available on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon. xToken Terminal is the capital markets platform for Web3. We are focused on giving DeFi and NFT projects seamless, permissionless, and trustless access to the set of on-chain primitives needed to operate in the space”, he said in an article published on the Medium platform.

The company explained that the first “application” in Terminal is called Mining. It allows projects to implement, configure and initialize a Uniswap V3 liquidity mining program in a matter of minutes. No development work required.

In his opinion, mining serves both pool sponsors and LPs with an end-to-end experience. Users never need to leave the terminal user interface.

On the sponsor side, group creators can set up:

• Uniswap V3 price range

• reward tokens

• Rewards acquisition period (optional)

• Duration and value of rewards programs

“As well as deploying the underlying Uniswap V3 pools directly from our interface, if needed”, he added.

Similarly, he commented that on the LP side, users simply deposit liquidity (the two tokens in the pair) and immediately earn pool rewards. You can claim and award rewards (in the case of a group with an award period) directly from the Terminal interface.

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It is noteworthy that to start Terminal, the company launched an XTK-WETH pool on the mainnet (1% fee level). We will pay 2 million XTK for 10 weeks. Pool rewards will have a 4 week vesting period, showcasing one of the powerful native mining features.

xToken 2.0 is here

Now that the company has launched Terminal, it has begun to realize its vision of xToken 2.0. In his opinion, xToken is no longer an asset management protocol. “We are now a protocol dedicated to building scalable DeFi infrastructure”, he said.

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