VYBE Network Announced $2.5 Million Raising

VYBE Network announced on Tuesday, January 11, through its Twitter account, the collection of $2.5 million in the initial round to build the next generation data network for Web 3.0.

Image about the VYBE Network post on Twitter

“Vybe Network, a data infrastructure solution that enables the Solana community to query, index and exchange data on-chain to create dApps and web 3.0 analytics, is pleased to announce the closing of a 2.5 million dollar funding round. dollars that were supported by leading venture capital companies and angel investors. The initial round was co-led by Lemniscap, Alameda Research, and Sino Global Capital. The round also featured the participation of Inscribed, SVC, Zokyo, Switchboard, Chris McCann (Solana & FTX’s first investor) and other well-positioned strategic angel investors”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

The company explained that the Vybe team started with 4 founding members with a shared goal of providing tools that allow users to easily stream and query real-time and historical data from a distributed network of indexers. At Vybe we believe that rich and accessible data has great value to the community. Our MVP is live and we are currently integrating and partnering with other Solana protocols to create a robust network of data accessible in real time. The initial capital increase has allowed us to grow the team and will also help fund further development of our infrastructure and the overall costs associated with a strong data network.

Additionally, he noted that MVP has three key features: the Vybe Catalog, GraphQL Explorer, and the Vybe API.

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The catalog, he noted, is a complete directory of Solana’s protocols. Each page will contain information about the dApp along with links to the protocol documents, social networks and tokens (if applicable). The protocols that can be accessed through our API will be displayed in our “Vybe Channels” tab. This will provide direct interfaces to the protocol program data and allow users to query live data on the chain using our GraphQL explorer. The browser, in addition to real-time data, will provide access to events and accounts.

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