Vesper Finance presented Vesper Season Two

Vesper Finance presented on Friday, December 17, through its Twitter account, the second season of Vesper Season Two.

Image on Vesper Finance’s Twitter post

“Vesper went into production in February 2021, after several weeks of beta testing, with a unique approach that combined careful testing and auditing practices with an innovative approach from DeFi. Vespers carefully engineered, non-custodial chain entry approach and system has been proven to work in the field and work well. This has created the foundations of what is launched today”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

The second season

The company explained that Vesper Season Two expands the reach and reach of the Vesper platform, while staying true to its core principles and continuing the path to a fully decentralized, permissionless, and non-custodial DAO system.

Vesper Earn

On the other hand, he assured that they are transforming the performance of DeFi with Vesper Earn. This is a new and unique product category for DeFi, where users hold their preferred crypto token, with preservation of capital (no temporary loss), and receive a stream of a second crypto token.

“Example: Deposit ETH and receive a flow of DAI stablecoins based on the deposited collateral. This reflects a ‘daily income’ style performance experience where users maintain exposure to the depository asset where they are bullish and accumulate stablecoins”, he explained.

According to the company, Vesper Earn uses the same fundamental performance strategies and generation three group framework as Vesper Grow (launched last summer), but in an exciting new automated A-to-B action. Our first set of Earn products resembles the daily earnings experience highlighted above, as well as a perpetual stablecoin to crypto asset (today, DAI to ETH, WBTC, or DPI) buying experience.

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In the wake of the high fees to use Ethereum, the company noted that Vesper is implementing the VSP token and a selection of farming groups on the Polygon Network as a first step in making Vesper more accessible to larger communities.

In his view, the Vesper community voted through the governance system to whitelist multiple chains and L2s. Polygon is just the first of many “radios” in the expanding Vesper network, followed by networks like Avalanche, Arbitrum, and others.

“Ultimately, this experience will evolve from a ‘multi-chain’ to a ‘cross-chain’: deposit, withdraw and manage positions on the accessible network of your choice. The funds are routed and connected to high APY opportunities in the premium chain, without an associated “premium” gas charge”, he said.

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