Vera DeFi announced partnership with Breeder Dodo and

Vera DeFi announced last Wednesday, December 22, through her Twitter account, her new partnership with Breeder Dodo and, where she also launches liquidity mining campaigns, offering 100% APY in rewards.

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“Vera is pleased to announce that we are launching a 4-week $VERA – $BNB cash draw campaign in partnership with decentralized cryptocurrency exchange DODO. During the campaign, users who add funds to the $VERA – $BNB liquidity pool on the DODO BSC platform will receive DLP tokens, and by wagering these DLP tokens, users will be rewarded with $VERA tokens and DODO tokens in addition to a portion of all commercial rates”, he said through an article published on his website.

$VERA – $BNB liquidity mining in DODO

Period: 12/19/2021 – 01/19/2022

Release Date and Time: 12/19/2021 15:00 UTC

Total Rewards: $100,000 value in $VERA and $25,000 in

$DODO Reward Frequency:

Claim period per block: at any time

Link: Liquidity Mining

In addition, the company indicated that they would expand their partnership with and will now add liquidity mining to their platform. Liquidity providers who add funds to $VERA – $USDT or $VERA – $ETH liquidity pools, will receive 50% of each respective pool’s trading fees and additional rewards valued at $5k / month in $VERA for the next 3 months.

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$VERA – $USDT & $VERA – $ETH Liquidity mining on

Period: 12/17/2021 – 03/17/2022

Release Date and Time: 12/17/2021 15:00 UTC

Total Rewards: $5K value of $VERA per month

Reward frequency:

Real-time claim period: Anytime


In his view, these liquidity extraction campaigns are part of the Vera team’s ongoing efforts to provide better liquidity and availability of the $ VERA token for all users globally, and to reward our community for their contributions and ongoing support.

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