Unstoppable Domains: “Polygon Integration Phase 2 is Available”

Unstoppable Domains announced last Thursday, December 2, through its Twitter account, that phase 2 of its integration with Polygon is now available, so users can now coin and manage domains in Polygon for free.

Image on Unstoppable Domains posting on Twitter

“We are pleased to share that we have reached an important milestone for both unstoppable domains and our customers. Starting today, you can mint AND manage domains on Polygon for free, with Unstoppable covering all associated minting and gasoline fees”, he said in an article posted on his website.

In his view, in the last 2 weeks, more than 200,000 unstoppable NFT domains have been created on Polygon for free, allowing our customers to save more than $ 60 million in gas fees based on current gas prices. If you haven’t coined your domain to Polygon, be sure to do so. Here are instructions on how to coin your domain.

What can you start doing today?

• Check your NFT PFP (* NEW *)

• Add your crypto addresses

• Configure your domain profile (* NEW *)

• Transfer your domain

• Sell your domain

The company commented that one of the features our team is most excited about is verifying their NFT PFP. With this new feature, you can easily generate a PFP (Profile Picture) that not only verifies your NFT on the blockchain, but also shows your UD pride with your domain name. Once you connect your NFT to your domain, you will be able to view it in OpenSea, where you can right-click and save to use it on Twitter.

Also, he explained that this feature is currently in beta, which is just a fancy way of saying that we are still working on fixing all the issues. With that in mind, for starters, we can only support NFT artwork minted on Ethereum, and your PFP could take a few days to render in OpenSea (so please check back every day to update the metadata if you don’t see it immediately) .

Add your crypto addresses

According to the company, another of its domain superpowers is replacing long hex wallet addresses with its simple, easy-to-remember domain name. With just a few clicks, you can connect your wallet to more than 275 different cryptocurrencies and start receiving them using your domain.

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Transfer your domain

Let’s say you bought an NFT domain and maybe you want to gift it to someone else or transfer it to another account you own. Unlike traditional domains, which have waiting periods of up to 30 days, the company ensured that with Unstoppable Domains, you can easily transfer your NFT domain in seconds for free.

Sell ​​your domain

On the other hand, if you are considering parting with your domain by selling it, you have two options. You can 1) make it available for sale on the Unstoppable website (this will alert those searching for your domain that it is available), or 2) make it available for sale on OpenSea.

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