Unmarshal announced partnership with Ethernity Chain

Unmarshal announced last Wednesday, July 7, through its Twitter account, its new strategic alliance with Ethernity Chain. According to the company, Unmarshal is now the essential bridge for Ethernity Chain to bring digital art off-chain from the real world to the blockchain ecosystem.

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“We are happy and proud to announce our strategic partnership with Ethernity Chain, a blockchain-based platform displaying Authenticated Non-Fungible Tokens (ANFT). Artifacts and works of art produced on the Ethernity Chain are tokenized and traded on the blockchain. Unmarshal would help them chain to obtain and obtain reliable data in real time from these NFTs”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

About Ethernity Chain

It is a company founded by Nick Rose, Ethernit and Chain that is committed to innovation in digital art and NFT. Plus, it is designed to help accurately determine the value of digital assets created by your favorite artists and backed by notable figures. Similarly, Ethernity Chain commented that it aims to use NFT for charitable and social causes.

About the association

The company explained that Unmarshal will be the essential bridge for Ethernity Chain to bring digital art off-chain from the real world to the blockchain ecosystem, bringing widespread adoption.

In his view, the Unmarshal NFT APIs fetch digital arts along with the actual art placeholder. In addition, it also acquires the owner and transaction history from the source. The Ethernity chain will integrate NFT APIs to build its trusted platform.

“The current Unmarshal technology stack for NFT is for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. We will also support them with interoperable data in the future that can support inside-out transactions”, he added.

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Manohar Kolagondanahalli, Founder and CEO of Unmarshal, commented that “I sincerely admire the value that Ethernity Chain is bringing to the world of NFTs and the social responsibility they have taken on. We are happy to come together and help them access the blockchain data”.

On the other hand, Steven D’Agostino, Ethernity’s chief marketing officer, said that “we are delighted to be working with Unmarshal to structure and optimize our data network as we continue our growth in the blockchain space through NFT. authenticated on Ethernity chain”.

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