Uniswap: Token Access at app.uniswap.org

Uniswap announced last Friday, July 23, through its Twitter account, that it has begun to restrict access to a small number of tokens on its website http://app.uniswap.org. In your judgment, such changes pertain to the interface at http://app.uniswap.org; however, the protocol remains completely self-contained, immutable, and permissionless.

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“Uniswap Labs, a software development studio contributing to the Uniswap Protocol, is proud to be involved in creating a better and more equitable financial system. One of the contributions of Uniswap Labs is the portal it provides on app.uniswap.org, an open-source interface, for a reliable and reliable interaction with the Uniswap protocol”, he said through an article published on his website.

In addition, he commented that, to continue innovating and bringing this tool to the Uniswap community, they monitor the evolving regulatory landscape. “Today, in accordance with actions taken by other DeFi interfaces, we have made the decision to restrict access to certain tokens through app.uniswap.org. These tokens have always represented a very small portion of the total volume in the Uniswap Protocol; a complete list is available here”, he added.

He also indicated that it is important to highlight that the Uniswap Protocol, unlike the interface, is a set of autonomous, decentralized and immutable smart contracts. Provides unrestricted access to anyone with an Internet connection. Similarly, this action has no impact on the Uniswap interface code, which is still open source, or on the many other portals or locally run instances that are used to access the Uniswap protocol.

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“Going forward, we will continue to develop products and contribute to the Uniswap Protocol, in a way that is consistent with the broader values ​​of the DeFi industry, to provide a secure, transparent and robust financial infrastructure that can empower users around the world”, he specified.

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