UNION Finance announced partnership with Meta Fabric

UNION Finance announced this Monday, January 3, through its Twitter account, its new partnership with Meta Fabric, the metaverse messenger, which allows crypto users to send messages to any wallet address, token or NFT community.

Image on UNION Finance post on Twitter

“UNION Finance is pleased to announce its partnership with MetaFabric, the #metaverse messenger, which enables crypto users to send messages to any #NFT wallet, token or community address. Its leading product, MetaverseID, is available today at metafabric.io. In addition, users of the MetaFabric product can establish a rate to receive messages, so that they can choose to avoid spam”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

According to the company, the release of MetaFabric 2022 will allow secure, spam-free communication using crypto wallets in the metaverse. It will be available on Ethereum, Bitcoin, BSC, Matic, Arbitrum and soon after from Solana and others. With the support of the MetaFabric team, UNION will deploy its Collateral Optimization (C-OP) and Smart Contract Protection (SCP) offerings to benefit the MetaFabric community. The value of UNION offers will provide:

• Protection against falling asset prices using UNION’s C-OP.

• Protection against smart contract hacks, economic exploits and malicious actors using UNION’s SCP / U-CDS.

“We are happy to present the UNION product to our current and future users. At the same time, by becoming a MetaFabric partner, UNION will be able to add value to its current user base, including wallet-to-wallet messaging and spam-free solutions for its community. In addition, using our future marketing tools, UNION will be able to reach new users with personalized messages for specific users, making its products more accessible to the world of cryptocurrencies”, said FabricLord, co-founder of MetaFabric.

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Michael Beck, UNION project leader, said, “we are very excited to bring UNION’s offerings of protection to the MetaFabric project. We are also excited about the many unique possibilities for community and governance that your platform can bring to UNION token holders”.

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