UniCrypt Network Stake Platform Now Available

UniCrypt Network announced this Friday, February 25, through its Twitter account, that its participation platform is now available.

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“Let’s start by being honest here. Starting to write this Medium article is making me nervous. The release of this product is probably the biggest piece of technology UniCrypt Network has ever brought to market. Everyone has a ton of ideas but transitioning from ideas to new products is a different challenge. We have decided to accept that challenge”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

Staking & Farming Platform Capabilities

The company shared a summary of the platform’s capabilities, which includes:

Compatibility: The product supports all types of tokens (Liquidity Provider, Regular, Reflex, Rebase Tokens). This means that our product works with betting pools or farming pools (LP tokens).

Flexibility: Once a betting pool is established, our technology allows pool creators to have up to 10 simultaneous rewards. Very useful for sustainable token ecosystems and also stakeholders as you no longer need to divide your portfolio into different groups. Each reward is available on a single board.

Loyalty: long-term participants, our app is for you! Participation group creators can encourage their communities to block longer with time-based bonus rewards (fully customizable). Participants can also get extra boosts by using our internal $UNCL token. Punters, increase your stake weight by burning our utility token $UNCL and earn additional rewards.

Top-ups and APR: Creators can top-up reward pools. Adding new rewards removes the friction caused by gas fees, as farmers are no longer required to pay gas fees. If a pool creator is willing to adjust the APR for a specific reward, this is also a supported feature.

Reward Change: Without having to stop participating, rewards can be changed at any time.

Cross-chain farming (rolling out early March 2022): Our staking and farming product supports cross-farming using our in-house Oracle system. Depending on the reward allocations, users can wager once and win everywhere at the same time. This flexibility is particularly suitable for utility tokens that are already split across different chains.

What are the rewards for UniCrypt Stakers?

Phase 1: During the first weeks (maximum 4 weeks), participants of $UNCX on the Ethereum chain will be rewarded with $USDC.

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The allocation of participation rewards begins on Monday, February 28, 2022.

Phase 2: Without any additional gas fees and starting in March 2022, $UNCX participants will have the ability to subscribe to $USDC and $UNCL rewards on Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain).

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