Umbrella Network announced partnership with MoonieNFT

Umbrella Network announced this Friday, February 25, through its Twitter account, its new partnership with MoonieNFT for a multi-front collaboration in the NFT and Metaverse space.

Image about the Umbrella Network post on Twitter

“Umbrella Network is excited to announce a partnership with MoonieNFT, a gamified DeFi platform from Play2Earn where every NFT can be 100% used for guaranteed rewards, yield farming, and more,” he said in an article published on the Umbrella Network Medium platform.

The company explained that MoonieNFT is a gamified DeFi platform where users (players) can use their Moonies (MNY) to participate in a few different exercises to earn guaranteed rewards (via Price Races), earn interest in NFTs and USDT (via Research Lab) and compete with others to get on the leaderboards (via Arcade Games).

In his opinion, since the Moonie (MNY) token is the key to participating in all the activities mentioned above to earn rewards, its price data must always be up to date, available at low cost to dApps and players alike, be free of manipulation attempts and be available. across multiple blockchain networks.

According to the company, a partnership with the Umbrella Network is a paradigm shift for MoonieNFT. With the Umbrella Network’s decentralized oracles offering all the above and more, players in the Moonieverse would greatly benefit from a source of authentic price data for their key currency: MNY.

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Similarly, he highlighted that the data of the MNY-USD trading pair has already been integrated into the decentralized oracles of the Umbrella Network and is available on 4 Blockchain networks (at the time of writing): Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and Polygon.

“Already the largest decentralized oracle by transaction volume, the Umbrella Network now processes over 3,500 data pairs and writes them to the blockchain every minute, effectively just over 70 million data pairs per minute! week! We are able to accomplish this feat thanks to our Merkle Tree architecture whereby each pair of data fetched and validated by community validators is aggregated as ‘leaves’”, he added.

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