TryHards shared details about dApp launch

TryHards shared this Thursday, January 27, through its Twitter account, the details about the launch of the dApp.

Image about TryHards Twitter post

“The TryHards team is delighted to share with you the latest dApp development update. The community has been asking us for some new features and of course we listened! In this new update, we not only implemented the long-awaited mechanism of liquidity supply and crystal farming, but also included NFT supply tracking and a Share Log to record and track transactions. With these new additions, our dApp has officially passed the Beta stage and all TryHardians can enjoy all its features”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

Liquidity Crystals and Farming

The company explained that players can finally farm crystals by providing liquidity to the liquidity pool. To do so, you will need both TRY and MATIC to pair up. Depending on the amount of liquidity you provide and your participation in the liquidity pool, you will receive a percentage of the daily crystal rewards. There is plenty for everyone! Don’t forget that with the crystals you earn, you will be able to level up your Zealots and Weapons, increasing their Universal Power and therefore your daily TRY rewards. As more liquidity is provided and certain thresholds are reached, the daily crystal reward pool will grow.

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The action log: keep track of your activity

Similarly, he indicated that another addition to the dApp is the action log. Since the Polygon network can occasionally experience congestion, the Action Log allows you to track confirmed and completed transactions, including:

• Loot box purchases/openings

• NFT level ups

• Composition/decomposition of crystals

NFT Supply Tracker

Finally, the company highlighted that the TryHards team would like to announce the introduction of a feature that was passionately requested by the community. “We are extremely grateful for your input and dedication, naturally we are more than happy to oblige! Players looking to complete Faction NFT collections in Elite, Super, or Legendary quality can now check how many NFTs have been minted”, he added.

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