Talisman announced that it will launch in Acala

Talisman announced this Wednesday, March 09, via his Twitter account, that he will be launching on Acala, bringing a better user experience for Polkadot with its easy-to-use Web3 multi-chain wallet.

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“We are excited to welcome Talisman to the Acala ecosystem! Talisman brings its inventive solution that enables Acala users to leverage their assets in new ways with a greatly improved user experience. Talisman is also preparing a wave of features to enable the next generation of Web3 users to explore new applications, track their portfolio, and take custody of their digital assets”, it said in an article published on the Medium platform.

The company explained that Talisman aims to create a user-friendly Web3 wallet created to accelerate the adoption and onboarding of future blockchain users to the Polkadot ecosystem. The platform simplifies the use of Polkadot, Kusama, and Parachains to help developers harness the potential of these services to improve compatibility between Parachains.

In his opinion, Talisman adds a practical experience of UX, security of assets and efficient signature transactions and presents a browser extension that allows an efficient navigation experience of the Polkadot ecosystem by:

• Provide an easy way to connect to dApps

• Allow users to store and view their Polkadot and Kusama balances

• Supporting easy import of pre-existing Polkadot and Kusama wallets

• Allow users to create and manage accounts from which they can send funds to anyone

Similarly, he indicated that the launch of Talisman in Acala will integrate the Talisman wallet, which will allow users to interact with the applications of the Acala ecosystem.

Talisman Wallet Leverages aUSD Minting for DeFi Functionality

The company indicated that the Talisman wallet is a community owned Web3 tool that unlocks a universe of apps on Polkadot and Kusama. The wallet grants users access to crypto solutions, such as exchanging tokens, minting or staking coins. With the integration of Acala and the aUSD minting opportunity, Talisman will promote further adoption and utilization of the Acala decentralized stablecoin in the Polkadot ecosystem.

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According to the company, users will enjoy minting USD directly from their Talisman wallets. Once a user downloads the wallet and completes the onboarding steps, they can import an existing Polkadot wallet by entering a seed phrase or importing a JSON file. Following the step above, users can connect their Talisman wallet to Acala and create a vault. aUSD minting is complete when a user confirms and approves their transaction. The Talisman and Acala teams are also working on minting USD via the Talisman web app to augment stablecoin services.

Furthermore, he commented that users can download the wallet from the extension store in Chromium browsers like Brave or Chrome and Firefox.

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