SuperRare announced partnership with Vellum LA in Color :: Field

SuperRare announced last Thursday, December 9, through its Twitter account, its new partnership with Vellum LA at Color :: Field. The exhibition launched Thursday night with a private viewing reception.

Image on SuperRare’s Twitter post

“In the mid-20th century, color field painting emerged as a style of American Abstract Expressionism that emphasized pure experience through color rather than representation. During the decades that followed, the field of color was used to describe the styles of many other artists, often for drastically different theoretical and conceptual goals. In all of it, the public can find a persistent emphasis on painting as their own experience, rather than one window to one”, he said through an article published on his website.

The company explained that Color :: Field embraces the complexities and paradoxes of this 20th century style as a provocation, seeking to draw a thread between contemporary digital art and the Color Field movement. The artworks included in this exhibition point out the parallels and divergences between abstract painting and digital abstraction (abstract art created using the logic of creative algorithms and software) that raise new arguments and raise new questions about the interplay of color, gesture and form into a reality. impregnated with the virtual.

According to the company, the exhibition will feature the work of 8 new influential and digital artists and can be seen at the new Vellum LA gallery on Melrose, in the heart of Hollywood, California. The exhibition will include works by Andy Gilmore, IX Shells, LIA, Zach Lieberman, Nicolas Sassoon, Alida Sun, Anne Vieux and Zouassi. Launches December 9 with a private viewing reception and will remain on view through January 16, 2022. Reserve auctions for these artworks go live for bidding on SuperRare on Thursday, December 9, starting from 3 pm ITS T.

In addition, he detailed that the private viewing reception on December 9 will feature an immersive one-day pop-up installation of CONTINUUM by Krista Kim. CONTINUUM is a meditative animation generated by Krista Kim in collaboration with Efren Mur. Featuring original music composed by Smashing Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder, CONTINUUM will be displayed on a 600-square-foot panoramic LED wall for one night only.

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About the curators at Vellum LA

The company noted that Jesse Damiani is Curator and Director of Simulation Literacy at Nxt Museum and covers art, media and technology at Forbes. He most recently curated ART PROOF at Francisco Carolinum Linz, the first major museum exhibition on the history of NFTs and Synthetic Wilderness, debuting at the Honor Fraser Gallery in September 2021.

Sinziana Velicescu is Senior Curator at Vellum LA and Senior Creative Producer at StandardVision. He has collaborated with pioneering artists such as Jenny Holzer, Bill Viola, Refik Anadol, and Kahlil Joseph on site-specific installations around the world. Velicescu has also curated site-specific art programming in public / private spaces that champion digital artists in various movements, from generative and code-based art to interactive, ai, crypto art and more.

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