SuperFarm announced partnership NFT Drop & Farm: Injective Protocol

SuperFarm announced last Thursday, June 17, through its Twitter account, its association NFT Drop & Farm: Injective Protocol. According to the company, this will allow INJ token holders to get their hands on a limited number of Injective NFTs.

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Image on SuperFarm’s Twitter post

“SuperFarm is excited to announce a new NFT release, as well as the first partner farm to launch on our platform! In collaboration with our partner in Injective Protocol, this exciting offering will allow INJ token holders to get their hands on a limited number of Injective NFTs, each with impressive graphics and special utility”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

In his judgment, holders of injectable NFTs will be eligible to increase the odds of receiving surprise tokens and NFT drops on Equinox bets.

• Injectable NFT drop: June 18 at 7pm. UTC

• Injective NFT Farm Launch: June 20 at 7pm. UTC

NFT Drop and Farming

According to the company, this Injective NFT event will happen in two parts: an NFT crash and an NFT farm.

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Therefore, only a limited number of injectable NFTs will be available to preserve their scarcity and value. Of the total 1,160 injectable NFTs available, half will be distributed via the NFT drop, and half can be cultivated by INJ and SUPER holders.

SuperFarm explained that there will be 5 different injectable NFTs of varying rarity:

• 500 2D Harmony

• 500 2D Entropy

• 100 Concept Art

• 50 2D Nemesis

• 10 Animated Nemesis

Exclusive NFT drop on SuperFarm

These are the prices the company shared about the NFT crash:

• 2D Harmony / Entropy: 0.2 ETH

• 2D Concept Art: 0.3 ETH

• 2D Nemesis: 1 ETH

• Animated Nemesis: 4 ETH

In addition, SuperFarm stressed that the NFT drop will occur on a first come, first-served basis without the need for a whitelist.

Cultivate scarce NFTs

The company explained that shortly after launch, INJ NFT farming will be activated on the SuperFarm platform, bringing the best of two worlds together:

• In the spirit of DeFi, you can convert your token holdings into earning assets and earn high APYs.

• By redeeming “Astros (Farming Points)” earned for a limited selection of NFTs, you add a layer of rarity, artistic design, and unique utility not yet seen in the world of DeFi.

INJ NFT Farming in SuperFarm works as follows:

1. Go to and select “Details” next to the INJ NFT farm.

2. In a first transaction, unlock your INJ tokens.

3. Choose the amount of INJ you want to farm with and confirm the “Deposit” transaction.

4. Watch your Astros stack up (on a pro-rata basis based on the number of INJ tokens wagered) and redeem them for injectable NFTs.

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