Solana Season Hackathon

Solana reported on Wednesday June 23, through his Twitter account, that the Hackathon of the Solana season was “the largest in the ecosystem so far”. In his view, more than 13,000 producers participated in the hackathon and there were more than 350 project presentations from teams from around the world.

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“To accelerate the already rapid growth of the ecosystem, the Solana Foundation partnered with leading crypto projects to host one of the largest online hackathons in history. Solana Season brought together crypto pioneers and developers from around the world for three weeks of hacking at Solana. More than 13,000 builders registered for the hackathon and 350 teams submitted projects spanning DeFi, NFT, Web3 and more. The event also featured additional regional tracks focused on East Asia, India, Eastern Europe, Africa, Vietnam and Brazil. Thank you to all the participants, judges and speakers!”, he said through an article published on his website.

The company indicated that, beyond interacting with talented builders around the world, the hackathon enabled the Solana Foundation to improve documentation, tools, and other essential educational resources to better serve all developers that integrate with Solana.

In their view, the judges were “extremely” impressed with the quality and diversity of the projects and were evaluated based on the following five categories: functionality, potential impact, novelty, design / UX and composability.

“While participants were encouraged to create Solana-based applications, hackers could create infrastructure or any tool that they believed would have an impact on the overall ecosystem. The only requirement was that the teams had to incorporate Solana into their project”, he added.

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Similarly, the company noted that, at the end of the evaluation process, a total of 39 outstanding projects were selected to receive an award. However, the following 39 projects also showed tremendous potential, so be sure to check out the Honorable Mentions section at the end of this post.

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