Shade Protocol announced $5.000.000 private raise

Shade Protocol announced this Friday, February 18, through its Twitter account, its private raise of $5,000,000. According to the company, this capital will support core protocol contributors and developers who will continue to provide privacy to Defi through the Secret Network.

Image about the Shade Protocol post on Twitter

Shade Protocol recently closed a $5,000,000 private fundraiser. This capital will be used to support core protocol developers and contributors continuing their mission to bring DeFi to privacy on the Secret Network, unlocking untapped potential in the world of stablecoins, synthetics, and DeFi”, he said via of an article published on the Medium platform.

The company indicated that the key advisers are Tor Bair of the Secret Foundation, Nick Cote and Xavier Advisory. Some other advisers and collaborators wished to remain anonymous; We thank these people for their support. Through the incredible networks of these partners and advisors, top contributors are confident that they can achieve meaningful integrations and effective product partnerships.

How will this capital be deployed?

According to the company, this $5 million in capital is moving the core development team from a part-time contributor to a full-time one. As a result of this capital increase, across all key primitives in development, there are collectively over 20 developers, project managers, marketers, and business development professionals creating Shade Protocol on a full-time or contract basis, making Shade Protocol this team of decentralized contributors into one of the largest teams on the Secret Network.

“I’ve always said that if we don’t exist in 2.5 years, then in my opinion we succeeded because I’d much rather try and fail than play things the ‘safe way’ and lose because we didn’t. Don’t move fast enough. The capital raised is intended to scale Shade Protocol as aggressively and quickly as possible. We currently live in a very narrow window in history where DeFi for privacy preservation is as uncharted as it is. The core contributors plan to capitalize on this opportunity with everything we have; we are deeply grateful to key partners and the community for allowing us the opportunity to do this full time. Collectively, there is a commitment to excellence and I am confident that the vision presented to us is achievable”, said Carter Woetzel (Principal Investigator of Shade Protocol).

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Shadow scholarships

Similarly, the company shared an opportunity for developers and builders to integrate and build Shade Protocol primitives: the Shade Grants program!

The company explained that it is funded in SHD managed by major contributors, it will be used to support critical growth initiatives for Silk adoption, Shade Protocol integration, community initiatives and user tools. Shade Grants will focus on core protocol metrics such as revenue, TVL, accessibility, and availability.

Interested developers or community members can apply, learn more about the Shade Grants program and the various categories at:

• Shade concedes to Github!

• Shade Grants Github Repo

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