Scaling Ethereum: Zapper API Hackathon Ideas

Zapper announced last Wednesday, April 14, through its Twitter account, the most recent event of ETH Global: Scaling Ethereum, while inviting users to participate in it to observe the various ideas of the hackathon of Zapper’s API for scaling Ethereum.

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“As the gateway for new and advanced DeFi users, Zapper is a proud sponsor of ETHGlobal’s latest event, Scaling Ethereum. A few weeks ago, we released our API to the public for people to play with and now we want to see what Scaling Ethereum participants will create with it”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.


The company indicated that it would award $4,500 to the top three projects that use the Zapper API “in the most transformative way.” In addition, he stressed that he is looking for “people who think outside the box and build something new”. Next, the detail of how the $4500 will be distributed

• $2,000 for the winner

• $1,500 for second place

• $1,000 to the third

Project ideas

Zapper shared a list of ideas to help participants get started on their project, including:

DeFi Games

The intersection of gaming and DeFi has just begun and with the Zapper API it is easier than ever to gamify the experience. For example, a DeFi leaderboard could allow users to sign a message with their key to add it to a competitive leaderboard to show who is the largest whale or who gets the highest average APY on DeFi.

Zapper Spreadsheet Plugin

A Google Sheets plugin that allows users to view all their DeFi data from the Zapper API and use macros to easily interact with it.

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DeFi Certificate of Competence

Have a user sign data with their key and obtain a certificate showing that they are proficient in interacting with certain DeFi protocols and applications.

Wallet APY Calculator

Make it possible for people to calculate their APYs in real time to get returns in different time periods, i.e., hourly, daily, weekly.

Agricultural recommendation engine

An app that would view your current farms and then recommend similar farms that share similar attributes with your current positions, i.e., risk profile, underlying collateral, protocols, etc.

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