SakeSwap: “#Meme campaign of the hungry cat is ongoing”

SakeSwap reported this Wednesday, March 10, through its Twitter account, that the #Meme of the hungry cat campaign is already underway, so there will be various prizes in tokens and NFTs, according to the company.

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“SakeSwap provides a revolutionary crowdfunding mechanism, ILO, that creates AMM liquidity pools directly for projects and users with increased use of liquidity. Our next OIT to take place will be for EtherCats ($ ECAT), an NFT GameFi project. EtherCats is the first NFT project that implements verifiable random NFT packets using Chainlink VRF ”, he explained through an article published on the Medium platform.

About the campaign

The company indicated that this campaign is being carried out in conjunction with EtherCats Hungry Cat Meme. While adding that “the best judged memes will share a group of 10,000 SAKE and will have the opportunity to win one of the three EtherCats Bonus Cats NFT.”

Token Prize Pool: 10,000 SAKE

According to the company, it will be 20 winners who will share the SAKE prize pool.

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• First place: an EtherCats NFT bonus cat (hungry)

• Second place: an EtherCats NFT bonus cat (hungry)

• Third place: an EtherCats NFT bonus cat (hungry)

How to take part?

• Follow the official Twitter account (@SakeSwap and @EtherCats) and join the Telegram channel ( AND (

• Re-tweet the campaign tweet with your cat meme and tag at least three of your friends.

• Share your retweet link on the official Telegram group of SakeSwap or EtherCats.

• Submit this form with your cat meme, SAKE address (ERC20 wallet) and email.

Important rules

The company mentioned two important rules for the user who wants to participate in the campaign:

• You can post as many cats as possible to increase your chances of winning.

• The SakeSwap and EtherCats team will be the sole judges of the winners.

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