Rikkei Finance Announces Launch of RIFI Liquidity Farming Vault

Rikkei Finance announced last Monday, November 15, through its Twitter account, that the RIFI United $RU -BUSD Liquidity Farming Vault was launched the morning at 8 a.m. M. UTC of this November 16.

Image on Rikkei Finance’s Twitter post

“With many requests from our community, RIFI United LP Farming is launching as an investment method for our $RU holders. Starting at 8 a.m. UTC Nov 16, LP Farming Vault will be activated at https://apps.rifiunited.io/vault and will provide $RU holders opportunities to win with a sweet APY of up to 5000%”, he said via an article published on the Medium platform.

How does it work?

The company indicated that it can now add RU-BUSD liquidity to Pancakeswap, then deposit its LP tokens in RIFI United RU-BUSD Liquidity Farming Vault.

Deposit time: 8 am. UTC from November 16 to 8 a.m. M. UTC of November 21. You will not be able to participate once the deposit period has expired.

According to the company, once your LP tokens are deposited, your tokens will be locked for the first 3 months. After that, there will be no blackout period. Users can withdraw their LP tokens at any time and earn APY in real time.

Furthermore, he explained that earnings are guaranteed with a preset APY of up to 5000%. RU-BUSD Liquidity Farming Vaults allows liquidity providers to earn a sweet APY of up to 5000% regardless of the number of participants, which means that no matter how many people bet on the vault, users are guaranteed to receive the preset growing APY.

“A higher APY applies for a longer bet duration. The incentive program will last for 365 days. The APY will increase in real time, second by second, reaching 5000% at the end of the program. The longer and more TVL you deposit in the vault, the more profit you will make. If you can’t hold on, you won’t be rich. Therefore, RU-BUSD liquidity providers will now get more for their money as they will earn not only the trading fee by providing liquidity to PancakeSwap, but also from the sweet APY up to 5000%!”, he added.

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What are the benefits?

• Increase in the locked liquidity price of the LP RU-BUSD tokens

The company indicated that $RU-BUSD Vault participants will increase the locked net liquidity held in the RU-BUSD group by participating in the program.

• Protection against fluctuations in the market

The company explained that in the event of a bear market where investors start to pull funds from the vault and sell their UK rewards, the APY still shoots up. Winnings are guaranteed with a preset APY of up to 5000% regardless of market fluctuations. Investors seeking high APY returns will inevitably be drawn to stake their RU-BUSD LP tokens in the vault for higher returns.

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