Reef Finance and Akropolis enhance the DeFi experience

The company dedicated to the aggregation of protocols and liquidity, proprietary analysis and accessibility of multiple chains, Reef Finance, announced through a publication on the Medium website, its partnership with Akropolis, a DeFi protocol that helps build economies of autonomous communities and decentralized.

Akropolis’ mission, the company explained, is to provide people with tools to save, grow and provide for the future safely, without depending on their geographic location, any centralized counterparts or the dubious financial practices of multiple intermediaries.

And, to fulfill this vision, Akropolis built AkropolisOS, a lightweight, modular framework for creating for-profit DAOs, with unique features such as customizable user incentives, automated liquidity provision enabled for the link curve mechanism, and programmatic management of liquidity and treasury.

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The company added that, in the future, users will also be able to use the Akropolis platform to take advantage of other DeFi features, including under-collateralized loans and liquidity pools.

Reef Finance, meanwhile, makes DeFi easy for users by providing a gateway to DeFi’s best investment opportunities, through the smart liquidity aggregator that allows trading with access to liquidity from both CEX and DEX, as explained by the company through an article. The custom Reef Yield Engine, powered by Reef’s AI, helps users “make an informed decision while investing in the various baskets of DeFi performance-building products listed on the platform,” he added.

While Akropolis, Reef Finance noted, works in a similar way by offering Delphi users an agricultural yield aggregator with dollar cost averaging tools. Delphi enables users to “get savings, synthetic returns, generate integrated pool / protocol tokens, and invest in volatile assets using an active all-inclusive approach or a passive dollar cost averaging strategy,” the company said.

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The company assured that the partnership with de Akropolis will allow Reef users to access the performance opportunities available in Delphi. He added that the company plans to include AKRO in the investment baskets in the future so that users can easily include AKRO in their portfolio allocation.

“Reef users will be able to seamlessly participate in using the Akropolis platform to obtain performance and borrow funds and also invest in the AKRO token through Reef baskets”, said Reef Finance CEO Denko Mancheski. Notably, the company said its goal is to provide selected performance opportunities across major DeFi platforms, all “under one roof for users,” and establish the platform as “the easiest way to enter DeFi”. Therefore, in his opinion, the collaboration with Akropolis is an extension of that effort.

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