$RAZOR to offer 20 million tokens for public sale

The Razor platform announced through its Twitter account that it will offer 20 million $ RAZOR tokens through a liquidity starter group of Balancer (LBP), starting next February 4.

Through the social network, the company explained that the event will start, approximately, on February 4, 2021 from 1 PM UTC, until February 6 of the same year at 1 PM UTC, or “until they have distributed all $ RAZOR tokens”.

Image from the tweet posted by Razor.

And its price? The initial price of the $ RAZOR token will have an approximate value of $ 0.53. According to an article published by the same company, the price will change gradually, reaching a projected final price of $0.025 – which corresponds to the price used in the private sale 2- and in case the tokens are not sold. But it will increase in case more tokens are sold, that is, “the final price will increase as more tokens are sold”.

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How to take part?

Razor highlighted that the user who wants to participate in the event will only need a Web3-enabled cryptocurrency wallet to exchange tokens on Balancer’s LBP, such as MetaMask, WalletConnet, Coinbase and Portis. The user will then need to visit the Razor Network Public Sale Panel to participate and subsequently purchase $ RAZOR on Balancer.

Steps to buy

1-Set up a MetaMask wallet

The user needs to make sure that they have enough ETH in their wallet to be able to pay the gas fees on Balancer. You will also need USDC to exchange tokens for $ RAZOR.

2-Navigate to Balancer LBP

3-Go to the Razor Network Public Sale Dashboard.

Through Quick Links the user will be able to obtain all the information on prices, which will help them to decide the optimal point of purchase according to their needs.

4-Go to the LBP Balancer exchange.

For clarity and to avoid future confusion or errors, the platform shared through an article the addresses of the RAZOR contract and the address of the RAZOR / USDC group contract on Balancer, respectively.

  • RAZOR token address – 0x50de6856358cc35f3a9a57eaaa34bd4cb707d2cd
  • Balancer LBP Address – 0xd64bb9076f513d05ac31d1f143edcea6884d595f

5-Unlock your wallet

To unlock their wallet, the user will need to click the “Connect” button to choose the wallet and then open their MetaMask wallet to allow it to connect to the LBP balancer. Once logged in, the user will be able to see their address in the upper right corner of the LBP balancer.

6-Trade RAZOR tokens

Through an article, the company has insisted that users should not exchange tokens until they have read and understood all the details about the public sale of RAZOR. At the same time, he pointed out that, once the user has submitted his offer successfully, he must wait until MetaMask updates the status of the transaction from “Pending” to “Success”, which may take a few minutes depending on the congestion in the Ethereum network.

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