Rarible shared minting functions to create NFT

Rarible shared on Monday October 18, through his Twitter account, new lazy minting functions to create NFT in Rarible for free.

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Rarible.com has become even more accessible and easy to use! Our newest feature allows you to create NFTs at no cost. That’s right. You don’t need ETH to get started! We are excited to further lower the barrier to entry for NFT creators around the world, allowing everyone to showcase and monetize their creativity at no upfront cost”, he said through an article posted on the Medium platform.

According to the company, the new feature is the next step towards sustainability for Rarible.com, as it reduces the number of unnecessary transactions on Ethereum related to NFT that are not purchased.

How does it work

The company explained that the new “lazy minting” feature, its NFT is minted not at the time of creation, but at the time of purchase. It is the buyer who pays the gas rates when purchasing the item. Until then, your NFT is on the market like any other NFT, and the data is stored securely on IPFS (decentralized storage).

In your opinion, when creating the NFT with lazy minting, you will only need to sign the “minting authorizations” with your wallet. It’s free and guarantees that you always stay in control of your creations.

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Usage guide

• Go to Rarible.com, connect your wallet

• Click on “Create” and fill in all the information about your future NFT as usual.

• Choose the option “free minting”

• Click “create article” and sign free authorizations with your wallet

• Voila! Everything is ready.

Notably, according to the company, once the purchase is made, the NFT will be minted in your wallet and then transferred to the new owner automatically. It’s as simple as that.

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