Psy Options builds on Project Serum’s Serum Code

Psy Options announced last Wednesday, November 17, through its Twitter account, that it is building on the new Project Serum Serum Code, progress updates in your European style options protocol with secondary guarantee.

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“Last week, Project Serum announced that PsyOptions will be the first protocol to be built in addition to the new Serum update, Serum Core. We are building our new settled cash, under a guaranteed European-style options protocol in Serum Core, and we couldn’t be more excited to do so. Serum Core allows us to obtain more efficiency with many positions and new classes of assets”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

In addition, the company reported that it is in the final stages of developing the fundamental protocol, and they are currently moving forward with the liquidation process. This should be done by the time of your next update, and by that time we will have moved on to work on the strategy-based margin system.

In other news, he indicated that they would remove geo-restrictions from the Devnet protocol. This will give users who want to try PsyOptions, but are unfortunately blocked, the opportunity to do so. We are also working on a simple onboarding process for new users to help them get acclimated with PsyOptions!

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Community updates

On the other hand, the company commented that next Friday, November 19, they will organize Twitter spaces with the Tap Finance team, for which they invited users to join to discuss their hackathon experience, their options and their strategy vaults of options.

“Also, we were supposed to host Twitter spots with the Ignition Hackathon Grand Prize winners, Katana, last Monday. Unfortunately, we had to reschedule. No problem! They will now join us on Tuesday, November 23rd. Make sure to tune in!”, he highlighted.

There is also a meme competition on his Discord channel until Sunday, November 21. The top 3 memes will win the Meme Master role, as well as win some PsyOptions products.

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