PoolTogether shared details about its treasury

PoolTogether shared on Monday June 14, through its Twitter account, some details about the new panel to view current treasury data. According to the company, this panel is based on the work of a community member called “SharingNotes“.

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Image on PoolTogether’s Twitter post

“An important function of the POOL government is to manage the treasury of the protocol. Historically, information about the treasury and how it grows has been scattered. To simplify understanding, a new panel has been created to view current treasury data”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

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How does it work?

The company detailed the steps that the user must take to use the treasury:

• At the top of the page, you will see the total treasury value based on current market prices for all assets. As of this writing, that’s ~ $95 million.

• Below you will see the different tokens that make up the treasury value, there are two sections, the first is “Prize pools”.

• Prize pool reserves are constantly growing each week. They grow by taking a percentage of each prize and re-depositing it in the reserve. The percentage is determined by the governance of POOL. Currently, the prize pool reserves are growing by ~ $50,000 – $150,000 per week, depending on interest rates. The reserves contribute interest to the prize without being able to win. This increases the profitability of all depositors! You can track the growth of your reservations in Dune Analytics.

• The second section is “Token Holdings”: What you see here are tokens under the control of the governance of POOL. Like the prize pool reserves, these tokens can be used by the government for whatever purpose POOL holders believe will help grow the protocol. There are currently ~ 5.9 million stablecoins, ~ $200,000 of other project tokens, and $88 million of POOL tokens.

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