PolyZap announced pre-sale of DEX & Yield Farm at Polygon

PolyZap announced last Friday, May 7, through its Twitter account, the pre-sale of its DEX & Yield Farm at Polygon.

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“PolyZap Finance is pleased to announce the pre-sale event for the launch of our new project: a decentralized exchange (AMM) and Yield Farm, which will be launched on the Polygon (Matic) network”, he said through an article published in the Medium platform.

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The company shared some key points of the PolyZap project, in which it stands out:

• Intelligent decentralized exchange (AMM)

• Low trading fees

• Autoslip for PolyZap DEX features (where available)

• Supply of fixed tokens (~ 21M)

• Unique combustion mechanisms

• Investor protection mechanisms

• Chain referral

• Security: time lock, migration code removed

• Audits: smart contracts and AMM code (TechRate, HashEx, Certik)

Pre-sale details

• Available tokens: 200,000 PZAP tokens from the initial supply, at 5 MATIC per PZAP token.

• Pre-sale event: it will be held in two parts: 100,000 PZAP available in each pre-sale round.

• Purchase limit: 5,000 PZAP per holder wallet.

• Pre-sale round 1: for 100,000 PZAP will take place on May 8, 2021.

• Pre-sale round 2: for 100,000 PZAP will take place on May 10, 2021.

• Pre-sale start time: each round will start at 16:00:00 UTC + 0000.

• Pre-Sale End Time – The pre-sale will end when all tokens are sold or when the 24-hour time limit for that round of events has expired.

• Remaining Tokens – At the end of pre-sale round 1, the remaining tokens will carry over to round 2. At the end of round 2, the remaining tokens will be burned, and the transactions will be published in the PolyZap docs.

How to take part?

PolyZap indicated that, to participate, the user must go to the website on the correct date and time to join the round, while sharing some steps for the user to get more details:


• Go to the PolyZap website, pre-sale section on the IFO at: https://farm.polyzap.finance/ifo

• Wait for pre-sale round 1 or 2 (date / time above) to start.

• While the pre-sale round is live, press the Contribute button and enter the amount of MATIC.

• Confirm the transaction in your wallet

Contribution limits:

• Minimum contribution: 10 MATIC

• Maximum contribution: 25,000 MATIC

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