Polygon Studios: “Decentral Games partners with Polygon”

Polygon Studios announced last Wednesday, September 8, through its Twitter account, that Decentral Games, the first community owned Metaverse casino, has partnered with Polygon, to solve challenges related to scalability, interoperability, speed and transaction costs during gambling games to win.

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“We are delighted to announce that Decentral Games, the world’s first game metaverse community to promote games to win, is integrating with Polygon PoS”, he said in an article posted on the Medium platform.

The company indicated that it would invest and stake $DG tokens in Decentral Games and aims to resolve scalability concerns as more users join the Metaverse, ensuring there are no outages or lengthy maintenance periods that could affect the game.

In addition, he stressed that better interoperability will be facilitated where asset transfers between chains can be more fluid and increase liquidity for the community. Decentral Games and Polygon users will also enjoy faster, lower-cost in-game transactions.

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“Decentral Games, built on an Ethereum blockchain, has built Layer 2 on Polygon. Your contributions have become one of the most important sources of transactions on the Polygon network. As the third largest node on Polygon with more than $131 million in transactions worth $MATIC, it will generate an additional source of income for holders of $DG tokens”, he added.

Similarly, the company commented that Decentral Games will improve game mechanics, allowing for a smoother gaming experience, while also making the widespread adoption of gaming games to win with Polygon PoS a reality. After a series of successful game launches backed by prominent partners and strong finances, Decentral Games is set to accelerate its course in developing the metaverse and gaming economies to win in the multi-billion dollar industry with Polygon as a blockchain partner.

About Decentral Games ($DG)

This is a next-generation game-to-win entertainment and game-to-win GameFi DAO at the intersection of metaverse and NFT. The company is backed by key investor Digital Currency Group (DCG), whose main subsidiary Grayscale is the world’s largest bitcoin and crypto fund manager and manages $40 billion in assets. Decentral Games is a leading metaverse project and the first to provide metaverse job opportunities.

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