Polychain introduced Polymon World

Polychain presented on Monday August 9, through its Twitter account, Polymon World, a 3D multiplayer role-playing game to earn money driven by the community to fight, exchange and socialize with your Polymon and other players.

Image on Polychain’s Twitter post

“After introducing Polychain Islands to you two weeks ago, we are delighted to announce our second blockchain game to win, Polymon World, a 100% community-driven 3D multiplayer RPG on Polyverse”, he said via an article posted on the Medium platform.

In his view, by combining games and blockchain in a combination of off-chain gamification, with all the benefits of the chain, Polymon World is a 3D multiplayer role-playing game to fight, trade and socialize with your Polymon and other players.

Additionally, he indicated that players would work to improve their Polymon through battle and by teaching them unique attacks. As players upgrade their gear, they will gain access to new zones based on the level of their selected Polymon team.

The company commented that the alpha release, which will be announced soon, will allow players to begin their adventure in the first zone, Avilion Island. This will include a tutorial, PvP battles, social features, missions, and exchanges.

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Community driven games

According to the company, along with Polychain Islands, Polymon World is one of the games we had in mind when we promised to bring utility to all the Polymon collected in our Roadmap announcement in April.

Similarly, he detailed that the development of Polymon World began in April when we announced our partnership with Moralis and our participation in the accompanying Moralis Web3 Hackathon.

“Partnering with Moralis for the Moralis Hackathon allows us to directly help encourage the developer community to create the innovative dApps of tomorrow. Additionally, our participation can stimulate developers to build great projects for the broader Polychain Monsters ecosystem, both during the hackathon and long afterward”, said Leif Eric Leiser, CEO of Polychain Monsters.

About Polymon World

This is a 3D multiplayer RPG to fight, trade and socialize with your Polychain Monsters and other players. “Polymon World is a 100% community-driven product developed by NFTy Games, a blockchain game development studio”, he said.

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