Polkastarter announced competition with Binance

Polkastarter announced last Friday, October 15, through its Twitter account, competition together with Binance to win rewards of $100,000 at stake.

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Promotion A: learn and win a prize pool of $60,000 in POLS tokens

During the competition, all users who exchange 150 POLS or more in the eligible POLS trading pairs (including purchases and sales) and participate in the questionnaire will be qualified to share the prize pool of $60,000 in POLS token coupons. Rewards will be distributed based on the total number of questions answered correctly as a proportion of all questions answered correctly by all qualified users.

Calculation of rewards:

the reward for the qualified user = (questions answered correctly by individual user / total number of questions answered correctly by all qualified users) * $60,000 in POLS token coupons.

Promotion B: Trade POLS and win a prize pool of $40,000 in POLS tokens!

• Reward 1: All users who sign up for a Binance account during the competition period and trade 250 POLS or more effective trading volume (including purchases and sales) on any eligible POLS pair of trades will equally share a prize pool. of $10,000 in POLS token coupons.

• Reward 2: All users with a total effective trading volume of 1,000 POLS or more on eligible POLS trading pairs (including buys and sales) during the competition period will share a pool of $ 30,000 in POLS token coupons, as per the proportion of each. the user’s total POLS trading volume.

Calculation of rewards:

The reward for each qualified user = (total effective trading volume of each user / total effective trading volume of all qualified users) * $ 30,000 in POLS token coupons.

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Terms and Conditions:

• All users must click the [register now] button on this page to participate in the campaign.

• If you don’t have a Binance account, click here to get a 10% discount on the trading fee. The 10% spot trading fee discount will remain valid if the Binance referral program is in place. The 10% futures trading fee discount shared by the guest will last for 30 days from the futures account activation date.

• Eligible pairs trading polls: POLS / USDT, POLS / BNB, Pols / BTC.

• Binance will use the average closing price at 11:59:59 PM (UTC) of the POLS / USDT trading pair during the competition period as the POLS exchange rate used for distribution.

• Rewards will be distributed within 2 weeks after the end of the competition. You will be able to log in and redeem your token coupon through Account> Rewards Center.

• The validity period of the token voucher is set to 14 days from the day of distribution. Learn how to redeem a token voucher.

• Make sure you fill in your Binance UID correctly in the Google form. Failure to complete it correctly will be considered a waiver of qualification to participate in Promotion A of the activity.

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