Polkamon launched a new roadmap

LilMoonLambo announced last Friday, April 16, through its Twitter account, that Polkamon launched its new roadmap in which, according to the company, they talk about their partnerships with Elrond and Polygon, their plans to cross the chain and their plans to become a mainstream gaming and collectibles ecosystem.

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“One of the most common questions we get from the community is about the Polkamon roadmap. At a high level, our vision is to create an ecosystem of games and collectibles with general appeal. We are sure that the extensive experience of our team in the development of products and applications will allow us to establish a Polkamon universe that is accessible and enjoyable for people of all origins”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

Milestones achieved

The company shared the milestones achieved since the launch of its “digital monsters”, which include:

• Announcement of our plans to cross the chain and make interaction with Polkamon more affordable and accessible.

• Partnerships with Elrond and Polygon. Both included special edition Polkamon.

• Our commitment to maintaining the rare polkamon shortage. We signaled this by withdrawing the Bitcoin Unidragon, a move that will solidify its position as the rarest and most exclusive Polkamon out there.

• We have been constantly releasing new Polkamon, including a new Ethereum Unikles.

• In less than ten days, Polkamon completed the most Chainlink VRF requests of all time. In the process, more than 150,000 PMON tokens were burned.

• To further improve our token metrics, we continue to announce PMON Staking, the first of the next two engagement mechanisms.

• We started to scale the Polkamon team with the addition of two new developers and plans to add more.

The Booster opening ceremony was completely revamped based on user feedback, leading to a vastly improved user experience with greater transparency and performance.


The company explained that its roadmap is divided into various categories, among which are:

Investment and profit

As an NFT project with a native token, Polkamon has two distinct categories of investors: those who collect Polkamon in the hope that they will appreciate its value, and traders who are primarily interested in our PMON utility token.

Due to PMON’s role in the Booster Opening Ceremonies, making the token as accessible as possible through centralized exchange listings is a top priority. Listings on safe and reliable exchanges will open the Polkamon ecosystem to millions of new users. You will soon be able to start earning participation rewards by transferring your PMON to Polkamon’s participation pool, which will be available from the end of next week. PMON players will earn rewards for each power-up that is opened. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) will be calculated based on how many packages are opened while you are betting and your total stake pool percentage.

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For our Polkamon collectors, we want to ensure that all Polkamon are valuable and useful within the Polkamon ecosystem. To achieve this, we are working on two different functionalities: Reverse Swapping and NFT Staking.

With the reverse swap feature, you will be able to exchange your soft-minted Polkamon for booster packs.

Collection and status

These in-game rewards will give lucky Airdrop’s winners the ability to create amazing Polkamon collections featuring the rarest traits: glitter and diamond horns. Polkamon with these traits is quickly becoming status symbols in the NFT community.

But what is the point of having an ultra-rare Polkamon collection if you cannot rock it? To help you showcase your collection, we are improving the official Polkamon website polkamon.com and releasing our upcoming apps for iOS and Android.

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