Polinate will start betting for Platinum Bee Membership

Polinate announced last Monday, December 6, through his Twitter account, that the Polinate hive will start betting tokens for the Platinum Bee Membership from December 15 onwards.

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“The platinum bee is here! Users will be able to stake tokens for the Platinum Bee Membership from December 15, 2021, onwards! These are the rare Bee NFT from Polinate with the characteristic of precious platinum. We will give them away exclusively for one of the first Platinum Bee members who will bet POLI with us. We want to be useful for every member of Social Hive and what better way to do it with these incredible bees with rare and exclusive downloads of original NFT artists and rewards from Creators in Polinate.io”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

The company explained that members can earn a Polinate Platinum Bee NFT reward depending on when they lock themselves into Social Hive. Each Platinum Bee NFT will be a prized possession to show users’ social support and proof of being first.

How does it work

According to the company, those who wager 100,000 COP on the first day of the launch, which is December 15, will unlock the Platinum Bee Royals NFT and the Platinum Bee membership level rewards.

Additionally, those who wager 100,000 POLI between Day Two and Day Ten, i.e., December 16-26, will earn the Platinum Bee Legends NFT and Platinum Bee Membership Level rewards.

“Day 1 bet on December 15, 2021, per 100,000 POLI gets a NFT 3D Platinum Bee Royals NFT + Original Artists NFT Airdrops and more”, he added.

Similarly, he highlighted that from December 2 to 10, December 16 to 26, 2021 per 100,000 POLI you get a 3D platinum NFT from Bee Legends + NFT Airdrops from original artists and more.

It should be noted that POLI tokens must be wagered for a minimum of 10 days before being entitled to any airdrop. If you withdraw your tokens from betting, you will need to bet again for 10 days before accessing the rewards.

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About Polinate

It is a next-generation crowdfunding platform designed to discover, launch and empower creatives globally without permission. We give creators their chance to raise funds by connecting creative projects, investors, fans, and sponsors.

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