Pods announced the launch of their DEMO on Polygon

Pods Finance announced last Tuesday, June 8, through its Twitter account, the launch of its platform demo at Polygon. According to the company and thanks to this association, users will be able to buy put options (coverage), sell put options and add liquidity to the AMM in Polygon in the Pods application.

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“After 3 months of beta testing and improvements in Kovan and Mumbai, we moved on to the next testing phase for Pods. We would like to present the launch of the official Pods demo”, he said through an article posted on his website.

In his view, the purpose of this demo is to test and improve your smart contracts and tools, test management features, start an initial group of arbitrageurs, and collect live data that can help update your model and simulations.

What to expect from the association?

The company explained that the system is live on Polygon with a TVL cap of 200,000 USD spread over two sets of options:

• MATIC: USDC | Strike: 1.70 | IV: 275% | Expiration: June 11, 2021

• LINK: USDC | Strike: 27 | IV: 220% | Expiration: June 11, 2021

Pods indicated that the live version of the protocol is not fully audited and the smart contracts that support the Pods Protocol have changed considerably since the last code audit, completed on February 24 with Quantstamp. “We are preparing for another code audit shortly. We ask users to be careful with their funds and never allocate more than they would be willing to lose”, he added.

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About Pods

It is a decentralized, non-custodial options protocol. Users can create options and trade them through an options AMM on the Ethereum Blockchain. Pods is the easiest way to protect cryptocurrencies on DeFi.

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