Plutos announced partnership with Zilliqa

Plutos announced last Tuesday, September 14, through its Twitter account, its new partnership with Zilliqa. According to the company, both projects will join technical development efforts to co-build a stronger synthetic DeFi ecosystem.

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“DeFi multi-chain synthetic hub, Plutos Network, is pleased to announce the establishment of a strategic partnership with Zilliqa, a leading public blockchain that is fast, cost-effective, and completely secure with its own smart contract language, Scilla. Both parties will join technical development efforts to co-build a stronger synthetic DeFi ecosystem”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

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According to the company, the two parties will work together on the following:

• As a public blockchain with outstanding performance and functionality, Zilliqa will provide support as a solid technical infrastructure for the future integration of the Plutos Network synthetic market into the Zilliqa ecosystem. The integration will further reinforce Plutos Network’s advantages as a multi-chain synthetic marketplace, with faster transactions, enhanced security and scalability through Zilliqa’s unique fragmentation technology.

• To launch the strategic partnership, Plutos Network is now honored to present our communities with a Staking Pool dedicated to Zilliqa. Users can now visit: to stake PLUT tokens and get ZIL tokens as a reward upon expiration. As another project joining Plutos Network’s “Prometheus” SaaS program, the Plutos community will have the opportunity to earn ZIL tokens simply by betting!

• Both parties will also work together in terms of global marketing and community growth. Following today’s announcement, two parties will conduct a series of AMAs in major community groups supported by our global partners. In addition, thanks to the great support that the two projects have from their local partners, more joint marketing operations will be carried out in keynote markets such as English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.

“While we are seeing some leading public blockchains grow rapidly in the last quarter, Zilliqa is one that we see very promising potential for mass adoption. By working together, we will make valuable contributions to DeFi and the DeFi synthetic market”, said Juan Capilla, CEO of Plutos Network.

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