Perpetual Protocol presented The Perfect Game

Perpetual Protocol presented last Monday, October 25, through its Twitter account, The Perfect Game, the commercial testnet competition for Perp v2.

Image on the publication of Perpetual Protocol on Twitter

“The Perpfect Game, the commercial competitor of the Perp v2 testnet, is a different kind of game. The addresses that can join the game are preselected and placed on 10 different teams based on the value of the tokens that each address has on 10/22 (Saturday) at 21:00 (UTC + 8). You can check the full list of traders here”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.


The full prize pool is 200,000 PERP, which is more than $ 3 million. However, the prize pool amount will gradually be unlocked as more people join the game. The unlock thresholds are shown below:

<500 participants * = 50,000 PERP (~ $750K, 25% unlocked)

> 1,000 participants = 100,000 PERP (~ $1.5M, 50% unlocked)

> 2500 participants = 150,000 PERP (~ $2.25M 75% unlocked)

> 5,000 participants = 200,000 PERP (~ $3M, 100% unlocked)

So how do participants share the prize pool?

According to the company, in The Perpfect Game, you get tickets when you hit certain goals. And at the end of the competition, you are entitled to a share of the prize pool proportional to the number of tickets you won.

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The following are the goals and innings per goal for The Perpfect Game:

• Made at least one exchange: 1 ticket per person

• Become a manufacturer and charge at least 500 USDC tx fees: 2 tickets per person

• First team participants (classified by adjusted PnL performed **): 3 tickets per person

• Participants of the second team (classified by adjusted PnL performed): 2 tickets per person

• Third team participants (classified by adjusted PnL performed): 1 ticket per person

• The 5 best operators classified by PnL performed within the three best teams respectively: 14 tickets per person

• The 5 main operators within the no. Team 4 ~ 10: 6 tickets per person

• Report previously unknown errors: 1 new error ticket (FCFS)


The company indicated that the game will begin on 10/26 (Tuesday) at 2:00 pm (UTC) and will end on 11/2 (Tuesday) at 2:00 pm (UTC). Check the start time in your time zone here.

It is recommended that users claim their test tokens (step 2 below) before the start of the game.

How to join the competition

Step 1. Check which team you are on

To get started, go to the leaderboard to check which team you are putting your address on in the search bar. You can also look up your address in the full list of merchants.

Step 2. Get test tokens

After figuring out which team you’re on, go to the testnet faucet to get 10,000 USDC to test and 0.005 Arbitrum Rinkeby ETH to trade.

Step 3. Wait for the game to start

Once you have successfully received your test tokens, you are good to go!

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