Orion Protocol: update on Orion Pool

Orion Protocol reported last Friday, July 23, through its Twitter account, its new update on the Orion Pool and the assets that have been generated since then.

Image about the Orion Protocol post on Twitter.

“The first iteration of the Orion Pool was launched a month ago, creating a single interface to exchange, trade, gamble and rule in Orion Terminal. Currently, liquidity providers are providing assets for various groups, including ORN / USDT (348,548 ORN), ORN / BNB (375,046 ORN), ORN / ETH (731,191 ORN) and ORN / BUSD (59,976 ORN), with rewards of up to 85% APR. Meanwhile, Governance Stakers is voting in these groups with ORN to determine reward rates, earning up to 13.25% APR”, he said through an article posted on his website.

According to the company, they have seen an incredible uptake in this, with 46% of blocked circulating ORN (13,204,548 ORN / $54,534,783) and 63,638,738m blocked in the 7 groups. With this decentralized liquidity, Orion Terminal became the only trading platform that allows decentralized access to CEX + exchange pools in one place: not only allows the best price on centralized and decentralized sources of liquidity, but also it also provides arbitrage opportunities between them.

In addition, he highlighted that, unlike centralized bets that control their wallet, in Orion, the user always owns their own funds and “we will never ask for KYC or an account. You can gamble knowing that you retain custody of your funds. Unlike other participation initiatives, there is no blackout period and no minimum participation”.

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Win with your ORN

As explained by the company, liquidity providers currently earn between 25.43% and 85.40% APR at Orion Terminal. The APR depends on both the volume of participants and the weighting of the governance votes.

ETH chain

ORN-USDT: 57.02% APR

ORN-ETH: 25.43% APR

ETH-USDT: 40.36% APR

Governance: 13.25% APR

BSC chain

BNB-ORN: 35.68% APR

ORN-USDT: 56.64% APR

BNB-USDT: 85.40% APR

ORN-BUSD: 42.82% APR

Governance: 12.82% APR

 “Liquidity providers are earning 0.2% from fund commissions. Those interested in governance will get group fees of 0.1%, and the funds will be paid retroactively once the new panel user interface has been implemented”, he added.

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