Orion Protocol shared details about Orion Terminal

Orion Protocol shared this Thursday, January 6, through its Twitter account, the details about Orion Terminal, while inviting users to “open Orion” to list any asset at any time.

Image about the Orion Protocol post on Twitter

“Following the launch of Orion Pool, our initial phase prioritized the list of partner projects such as Fantom, Holochain, COTI, Injective and more. We saw more than 14 highlights on the day of the listing: up to a 33% increase in the price, up to a 1,026% increase in the volume of operations and up to a 2,521% increase in the social volume”, he said through from an article published on your website.

Listing on Orion Terminal has many benefits that are first in the industry over popular exchange pools, including:

– Fiat entry / exit ramp

– Complex order types + graphics

– Access to native agriculture

– Access to advanced functions – Access

CEX + DEX in one place

– Marketing support

In addition, he indicated that from Friday, January 7 at 10 a.m. ET, anyone can list any asset in Orion Terminal:

– Groups can be created before that date (steps below) and will be approved on January 7

– People or projects can list any asset in Orion Terminal (minimum $ 10k liquidity)

– Every month, the 3 most liquid groups will have ORN agriculture enabled for 30 days

– Automated native farming will be enabled soon (before that, projects can check below).

How to list an asset in Orion Terminal:


– Go to trade.orionprotocol.io/pools

– Click on the ‘Create a group’ button

– Select the corresponding string for your token

– Add the token contract address and select the asset to match it with

– Groups must be created with most liquid pairs (ORN, USDT, ETH, BNB, BTC)

– We recommend pairing with USDT for full functionality in Terminal

– Load the corresponding icon for your token

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– Add liquidity for your token and combined asset (50:50) – $ 10k minimum per group for approval


– Click ‘Submit’ and wait for the team to review it

– There will still be an approval process for security reasons

– Groupings sent before January 7 will be approved that day

– Depending on the time zone, the process can take from 10 minutes to 24 hours

: Groups containing tokens with any type of additional fee for transfers and / or other operations will not be approved at this time.


– Once approved, users will be able to view the new group, the corresponding pair and the asset charts in Orion Pool, Orion Swap and Orion Terminal


– Every month, the 3 most liquid pools will have ORN agriculture enabled for 30 days

– Automated native farming will be enabled soon. Before that, projects can check below.

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