Orion Protocol announced that SDK is available

Orion Protocol announced last Friday, October 1, through its Twitter account, that the SDK is now available on the platform, so that, according to the company, now “anyone can create their own applications in Orion Protocol via Orion SDK V1.

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“Orion Protocol, the first decentralized gateway to the digital asset marketplace, launches the Orion SDK – an open source repository that enables developers to develop the protocol for the first time. This ‘gateway’ between the Orion Protocol and third parties marks the next stage of the Orion Protocol, allowing external access to the protocol for developers, exchanges, blockchains, and encryption projects, driving significant volume and an unlimited expansion of the protocol”, he said through an article published on his website.

The company explained that, based on the most advanced universal liquidity aggregator ever developed, Orion Protocol is building the world’s first decentralized gateway to the digital asset market, adding CEX, DEX, and exchange pools on one decentralized platform for the first time.

According to the company, it is creating DeFi liquidity solutions through Orion SDK for merchants, liquidity providers, exchanges, or crypto projects. Starting today, third parties will be able to build their own applications on the most advanced liquidity aggregator ever developed through the Orion SDK V1.

Similarly, he commented that the open source software developer kit comprises a JavaScript programming library (soon to be in Python as well), documentation, interfaces, and tools to allow developers to immediately start building their own powerful financial tools, taking advantage of the power and liquidity of the protocol and acting as a gateway between the protocol and third parties. This iteration marks the first step in making the Orion Protocol available for anyone to build, whether for personal use or for financial gain.

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“The Orion SDK is the framework against which all of Orion’s upcoming B2B solutions are being developed, with more than a dozen solutions for blockchains, exchanges and crypto projects in the works. After sufficient testing of the first iteration of the Orion SDK through selected developers, third parties and B2B partners, the second iteration of the Orion SDK will be released, along with several key B2B solutions”, he added.

In addition, he highlighted that each transaction through the applications created in the Orion Protocol (either through Orion solutions or third-party dApps) will add to the Daily Volume of the protocol, which will benefit ORN holders in the form of wagering rewards.

Orion SDK: V1

According to the company, in its first iteration, Orion SDK will allow developers to create applications of any complexity on the backend of the protocol. This includes:

• Arbitrage bots (users can create bots to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities, both on Orion Terminal and on exchanges that are not yet connected)

• Trading bots that implement any possible trading strategy

• Bots that integrate third-party trading signals and indicators

• White label versions of Orion Terminal

• and much more.

In addition, he assured that with Orion SDK, it only requires a few lines of code to create a limit order or to exchange an asset for another with the best price in the current market. No longer need to tackle various exchange APIs, fund management, or unreliable withdrawal process for your tokens. The process hides the complexities of calling the Orion API, signing orders, and tracking order history, etc., behind well-defined programming models in JavaScript language.

“The Orion Protocol will encourage stress testing of the first iteration of the SDK with a Bug Bounty of $25,000. Along with developer testing, Orion will continually test and add additional functionality to the SDK with select B2B partners prior to the launch of their upcoming B2B solutions”.

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