Origin Protocol shared details about updates

Origin Protocol shared last Tuesday, August 31, through its Twitter account, the details about the updates of the NGO token in the month of August.

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“August was a very busy month for Origin. We announced our transition to decentralized governance with the launch of an OGN governance portal and opened our weekly DeFi meetings to public participation. OUSD reached new milestones and our OUSD liquidity pool was added to the Curve Finance UI, placing Origin Dollar on the top stablecoin exchange on DeFi. We also announce more major NFT releases that combine real world culture with the Metaverse”, he said in an article posted on his website.

According to the company, Origin Dollar reached a major milestone this month: $ 25 million in circulating supply. We have come a long way from our first fights and I am very proud of how hard our team has worked to reach new heights. One of the ways we reach this important number is by increasing our outreach to the community. So, he commented that they opened weekly DeFi meetings to the public with this in mind.

In his view, anyone can join and participate in the meetings and learn about the business and engineering initiatives. Meetings take place every Monday at 11 a.m. M. PDT on our Discord channel. The meeting notes are also public. He also indicated that they launched an exclusive Telegram chat for OGN holders. Origin has created a tool that can detect and check your OGN balance in your Web 3 wallet to regulate access to this chat room.

On the other hand, the company detailed that it has launched the most significant update of OUSD Dapp since its launch with intelligent routing of transactions. This means that users will automatically get the best price for OUSD, whether by minting, buying on a DEX, or buying on OUSD Swap, a gas-optimized exchange contract. We are constantly looking for ways to make the Origin Dollar user experience easier and better.

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“Origin Dollar’s Curve factory liquidity pool has also been added to the Curve Finance user interface. This is a prerequisite for earning CRV indicator rewards for OUSD Group Liquidity Providers (LPs). We will use the OGN rewards to bribe (yes, you read that correctly) CRV holders to increase our gauge weight for more CRV rewards for OUSD LP. The LPs will be able to receive rewards of OGN and CRV tokens in an important campaign to extract liquidity in one of the most important DeFi platforms”, he specified.

Similarly, the company indicated that they took the first important step in the transition to full decentralization by launching the OGN governance portal. OGN holders will be able to create proposals or vote on existing proposals to tell Origin’s core team what they think needs to be changed or what needs to be worked on. This is only the first step on a journey towards gradual and complete decentralization. Origin has always been public by default and the underlying code that powers our products and protocols remains open source.

“On the NFT front, we announced a major downfall by one of the champions of automotive culture at West Coast Customs. This release features NFTs granting access to in-person events and experiences, NFTs representing exclusive memberships, physical displays for NFTs, and other cool stuff. We also wrap up the ΞTHΞRΞAL downfall of top NFT creators Trevor Jones, Don Diablo, and Alotta Money. The winning bid was 150 ETH, which represents a great success for everyone involved”, he highlighted.

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