OkLetsPlay announced IDO token launch on Polkastarter

OkLetsPlay announced this Monday, March 21, through its Twitter account, the launch of the $1.25 million IDO token $OKLP, which will take place exclusively on Polkastarter very soon.

Image about the OkLetsPlay post on Twitter

“Create a free player account, challenge others, enter the leaderboard or enter big pro-level tournaments with a community of next-level gamers, streamers, influencers and competitors showcasing their skills to win real money prizes. OkLetsPlay Token ($OKLP) players benefit from cross-border currency, low transaction fees, fast transaction times, and other in-app utility benefits. OkLetsPlay is ready to catapult any gamer, community or brand onto the main stage in the exciting era of competitive real money gaming”, he said in an article posted on Polkastarter’s website.

The company explained that OkLetsPlay is an application that externally facilitates real-money PvP games and tournaments in online video games. The beta launch saw 9000 player accounts, over 4000 PvP matches and 200 tournaments successfully played with over $10k paid out to winners.

According to the company, OkLetsPlay sits benignly outside of a game; a lightweight back-end server-to-server connection launches players into game instances, retrieves results, and transfers deposited winnings to players in a seamless, secure, and fully automated manner. The game remains unchanged while unlocking valuable player acquisition and retention tournament features.

In his opinion, OkLetsPlay supports any online game and game mode with a variety of functionalities that give everyone from casual single players to professional esports teams the opportunity to get paid for playing the games they love.

“Using an ultra-light link, game developers and publishers now have a no-cost, no-risk turnkey solution to quickly add cash and crypto PvP matches and tournaments to their game. Real rewards for everyone! Not just play to win, but a new era of playing and winning!”, he added.

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• Web, iOS and Android applications

• Patented off-game betting module design

• Separation between gameplay and real money tournament functionality

• Ultra-light, fast and cheap “linked” game integrations

• Simple and intuitive user experience and interface, consistent across all games

• Easy setup and entry of PvP matches and tournaments

• Simple portfolio management

• Game results automatically received and authenticated by servers

• Winnings are quickly transferred to players’ wallets

• Patent published

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