Oh! Finance announced implementation at Avalanche

Oh! Finance announced last Friday, November 5, through its Twitter account, its first strategy implementation in the protocols that operate in Avalanche.

Image on the publication of Oh! Finance on Twitter

“We have stepped forward relentlessly to validate and implement our first strategy in the protocols that operate at Avalanche. We bolstered our team with additional resources, and we were ahead of our schedule! We look forward to further accelerating all of our developments, including the new user interface, Ethereum strategy updates, cross-chain integration, and liquidity expansions”, he said through an article posted on the Medium platform.

In his view, the modular nature of its framework allows for seamless adding of indexes and updating underlying strategies, a big step towards composability that will work hand in hand with the Oh governance approach for users to build the product they want to use.

“Although in the meantime, it allowed us to have our strategies proven to be effective on Ethereum, with rates of return that fluctuate between 6 and 10.89%, comfortably outperforming the underlying protocols (Aave, Curve and Compound), its returns range between 2, 9% and 4.98. %. We look forward to even higher returns as we refine our strategies at Avalanche!”, he added.

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USDC.e bet on Oh! Finance

How to get USDC.e to bet on Avalanche:

• Option 1: USDC bridge from Ethereum to Avalanche with the official AB bridge

• Option 2: Buy AVAX from a centralized exchange (like Coinbase, Gate.io, Binance, etc.), send it to your MetaMask on the c chain, trade AVAX for USDC.e at Trader Joe

About Oh! Finance

Oh! Finance is an optimized yield generation protocol, focused on reducing risk and increasing volume exposure. Get started earning industry leading interest rates on stablecoins in just a few clicks: https://oh.finance

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