Oddz Finance and DAOVentures join forces to make DeFi “accessible”

Oddz Finance announced last Wednesday, March 10, through its Twitter account, its strategic partnership with DAOVentures, to make DeFi “accessible”.

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“This association will witness the integration of the DAOventures tool into the Oddz ecosystem. The collaboration will allow users of the Oddz platform to access the intuitive DAOventures panel to manage their portfolios efficiently”, said the company through the same social network.

In addition, he assured that, through this association, users of the Oddz Finance platform can participate in liquidity mining programs and participation programs by accessing the DeFi panels of DAOventures.

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“We are delighted to announce our partnership with DAOventures, a decentralized platform that strives to simplify DeFi investments for platform users. The nuances of the partnership will primarily comprise making DeFi accessible in the same capacities. The unison of Oddz Finance and DAOventures will open a world full of possibilities for DeFi. The consolidation of the revolutionary innovation of DAOventures in Oddz Finance is a representation of the creation of a perfect experience for DeFi users to evoke a massive revolution”, he added through an article published on the Medium platform.


According to the company, the technical complexities of DeFi investments are often “one of the main reasons why users are reluctant to explore opportunities in high-yield investment strategies”. In addition, he indicated that ease of navigation and intuition is one of the driving aspects for users to actively participate in the DeFi space.

Therefore, Oddz Finance “is building a strong partnership with DAOventures to simplify DeFi for users to address prevalent issues in the same vein“.

In his view, this association will witness the integration of the DAOventures tool into the Oddz ecosystem, as it will contribute “efficiently” to simplify DeFi investments for Oddz users. “The partnership will also allow platform users to access DAOventures’ intuitive dashboard to manage their portfolios efficiently”, he added.

“DAO Ventures provides tools that make it extremely easy for users to invest in and manage their DeFi portfolios directly from their dashboard. At Oddz we focus on both retail and institutional investors. We are confident that this partnership will help DeFi investors, especially novice users, to manage their portfolio of options alongside other DeFi positions. Additionally, DAO also offers liquidity options and will participate in our various participation programs in the future”, said Shreedhar Shreenivasa, Chief Technology Officer at Oddz Finance.

For his part, Alvin Foo, co-founder of DAOventures, commented that “options and derivatives are a main element of the traditional financial world; so, it is great to see projects like Oddz introducing new, decentralized, and fully improved alternatives within the DeFi space. We are excited to join forces on this project as it will allow us to deliver even more value to the DAOventures community through what is already configured to be a value-packed DeFi dashboard”.

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